Tuesday, June 7, 2011


What do you do with diaper boxes that have been piling up?
Throw them or give them a totally new look and use it to organzie a free and most inexpensive project.I always get such big thrill out of projects like this.
Ever since I found this amazing project I have been wanting to make it.
here are few ideas that made these garbage pile to very useful and not to forget a bit educational for a toddler after adding numbers. These fit perfectly in the book shelves that I had brought from bed bath and beyond for a very good price. Make it so easy to access. Love it when something so simple and easy to make is so functional. We use it to organize magazines and to just throw the little things that has no home until I figure out what to do with them. This really working for us. At least there is not clutter piling up on the dinning table.

Some glue gun and brown paper changed the entire look.I first cut the flaps that close the boxes using a
 exacto knife,
Using hot glue gun I glued the brown paper on to the boxes. I then glued the ribbon and used an 3inch scalloped circle  in coordinating colors to write the numbers.
I had negatives from the chipboard numbers that I had saved and that is what I used to trace the numbers out using a brown pen. 

Used  qtip and white paint to give the flowers a white center and make then pop out.

Over here I used some yarn and wrapped it around the top part of the box few times and tied a shipping tag to the yarn and  use it to store fabrics.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Organizing Wires

Our gadgets and etc drawers has been wanting attention for a very long time and I had this idea running in my mind for a very long time. I exactly do not remember where I saw this but was very sure I had to collect lots of toilet paper rolls and kitchen napkin rolls(empty). I also used some rolls that you get with gift wrapping paper. The only extra work with the gift warping roll is that I had to cut them into desired size using my
exact-o knife. The only down side to using gift wrapping rolls is that they are too narrow so if you are using wires that were too long and thick then it is not easy. I would suggest making sure you have enough collection of all toilet and kitchen rolls before you start the project.
Here are few pictures of what I did with them and made finding wires and usb cords more easier and less stressful. Labelling is the key here I used my dymo label maker if you do not have one you an totally use marker pen this works fine too. The key here is to make know which wire is in which roll so that it is easier to find then when needed,

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Monday, May 9, 2011


I decided to send my mom a mini book which she can carry around in her bag to write notes and this something that make her think of me every time she uses it and I knew she will enjoy carrying it around in her bag with her as much as I did making this one for her.
Also, keeping in mind not to make it too bulky because it had to be mailed.

This is a no measurement project what that means is I did not measure the paper just went by the rough judgement while trimming the papers.
I had my old sketch book which I was not using and has lot of unused papers. So I just trimmed the papers using a paper trimmer I would say I used approximately 10 sheets of paper. 
I folded them in to half like that I got a book with 20 pages and cut the paper for the cover a bit bigger than the pages.
I then just used my sewing machine to sew(zig zag stitch) the pages on to the cover it is so quick and fast. 
 glued embellishment and ribbons and I used my dymo label maker to print Happy Mother's day.
This could be a very good gift for teacher's or just for yourself to carry around with you to take quick notes.


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