Saturday, March 19, 2011

Re-purposed Shoe Boxes

I just love to give a new look to all the container and boxes and so for that I collect pretty much any box or container...that could be a cereal boxes to oatmeal containers to coffee container or the bath and body works scrub containers and Shoe boxes too.
We all have tones of shoe boxes and we use them to store our shoes or throw them or some of us will think of making use of these boxes...I definitely don't think I would like to throw all the show boxes because they make such a great boxes for storage and the best thing you can give the boxes a personalized look. Here are a few ways I re- purposed  all the shoe boxes I have.
I have used lot of different mediums to decorate the shoe boxes...I have used gesso, decoupage,modelling clay, scrap booking scrap papers,Stamps and lots of paint to the boxes....and also I have used my painting skills on them to make them look like a piece of art. You might also see that I have used mixed media painting techniques on some of them.
I use these shoe boxes in my crafting space to store painting supplies, papers and etc...I love the way it gives a cheap/free alternative for storage.
 I made these mixed media shoe boxes couple of yrs ago and as you can see these look a bit torn around the corners.
These are the ones that I used gesso to cover all the words and the shinny surface that you get on a shoe box...I think I must have even sanded them before I painting with gesso...sanding helps holding the gesso if the boxes are have the shinny paper on them. I might have applied couple of coats of gesso before I started painting and once the gesso was dried I took my paints,stencils, stamps and just started painting. I also used  Natural Sand(Texture gels by Liquitex) to give some dimensional effect on the sided of the lid.

 This were I used the sand...I just used a palette knife and stencils and ran the sand over the stencil and let it dry before I painted.

 I had my two yr olds shoes boxes...and I really liked the size and I think they make great storage for the acrylic I painted some gesso over the boxes  to cover the words and the brand name(on the boxes) and then used a acrylic paint to color over the gesso once it was dried. I did not use sand the boxes do not have the shinny coating. Then used mod podge to glue the scrap papers.
 As you can see I use them to store my paint supplies.


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