Monday, May 9, 2011


I decided to send my mom a mini book which she can carry around in her bag to write notes and this something that make her think of me every time she uses it and I knew she will enjoy carrying it around in her bag with her as much as I did making this one for her.
Also, keeping in mind not to make it too bulky because it had to be mailed.

This is a no measurement project what that means is I did not measure the paper just went by the rough judgement while trimming the papers.
I had my old sketch book which I was not using and has lot of unused papers. So I just trimmed the papers using a paper trimmer I would say I used approximately 10 sheets of paper. 
I folded them in to half like that I got a book with 20 pages and cut the paper for the cover a bit bigger than the pages.
I then just used my sewing machine to sew(zig zag stitch) the pages on to the cover it is so quick and fast. 
 glued embellishment and ribbons and I used my dymo label maker to print Happy Mother's day.
This could be a very good gift for teacher's or just for yourself to carry around with you to take quick notes.


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  1. What a lovely idea! I bet your mom loved it!

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